Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Grand Rapids ArtPrize and Samples for Catarina and LaMare Bakery

So Mary Baker the owner of Catarina decided that she wanted to hand out samples of her Dulce de Leche at the Grand Rapids ArtPrize, to get more publicity. Then I thought about it and decided that I should hand out samples for myself since that was a great idea of hers!  (During the 2 1/2 weeks of ArtPrize there are thousands of people that come almost everyday to see the art, eat and explore.)

Mary spent a week making Dulce de Leche and filling about 1,500 sample jars....yes really.  I spent about two days making close to 300 mini cookies for 120 bags to hand out. I made pumpkin shaped sugar cookies and ginger molasses cookies. 

Mary enlisted the help of her friends to help hand out our samples and it was a lot of fun!

These pictures only show a fraction of the art and people that attended ArtPrize. I took these pictures of the Bob's parking lot around 12 and at 4 the parking lot was a sea of people.

Mary filling her Dulce de Leche sample jars.

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