Wednesday, February 16, 2011

French Macarons

I always see the colorful macarons at pastry shops and they make me smile everytime. They are so colorful and cheery looking. I wanted to attempt to make them, so I researched on the internet. Well, my first try ended up in one big white puddle on the pan. I knew that I beat the batter too long, so my second try I wanted to add some color. They were cute and pink, but tasted like scrambled eggs.
So I decided that my best bet was to go to the book store and buy a book on Macarons.  I read it front to back...twice. I didn't want to mess it up again!  I followed the directions and what do you know, they turned out pretty good.   I decided to color them green since I had some left over green buttercream and chocolate buttercream from a birthday cake.

They were really good!  Crunchy on the outside and moist in the inside.

I was so happy with the outcome that I went out and bought some flavorings to make more.

Next to try: Blueberry and Raspberry.

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